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Tel. 0800 083 8013


Address. Bell Crescent, Longwick. Bucks.HP27


The Executive


Level 1: NLP Practitioner Training (ABNLP Certification)


Transform your life with the tools, techniques and performance psychology of NLP.

Become a qualified performance coach from total beginner in just 7 days

with Trainer Nick Reed-Robbins. Maximum 8 people per class.


 7th to 13th April'18  - Bucks         Register Now       £1495

5th to 11th May'18  - Bucks          Register Now       £1245 until 5th April, then £1495

2nd to 8th June'18  - London      Register Now      £1245 until 2nd May, then £1495

7th to 13th July'18   - Bucks         Register Now      £1245 until 7th June, then £1495

4th to 10th Aug'18   - Bucks         Registration coming Soon      £1245 until 4th July, then £1495

 1st to 7th Sept'18    - London       Registration coming Soon      £1245 until 1st Aug, then £1495

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Hypnotherapy Training:

Level 1: Limited Spaces

ABNLP Fast-Track

Hypnotherapy Practitioner  

for coaches and NLP practitioners.  

23rd June 2018

Longwick, Bucks. Register Now!


Download Hypnotherapy Brochure

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Level 2: NLP Master Practitioner Training (INLPTA & ABNLP Certification)

Includes ABH Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification

Become a transformational,breakthrough & performance coach and hypnotherapist.

15 days training across 3 modules in Longwick, Bucks. HP27  

With NLP Master Trainer Jessica Reed-Robbins.

Read more. 


Module 1:    26th to 30th April 2018

Module 2:    22nd to 27th May 2018

Module 3:    23rd to 26th June 2018

Hypnotherapy Certification on 23rd June 2018.

Register NOW   Only £2450    Only 3 spaces left.  

Free 1-Day Introduction to NLP      

Sat 24th March 2018   - Bucks       10am to 4pm     Register Now

Sat 28th April 2018       - London      10am to 4pm       Register Now

Sat 30th June 2018      - London      10am to 4pm       Register Now